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The discovery of bed bugs inside your home is any property owner’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, bed bug problems are on the rise and it’s important to learn the signs of bed bug infestations. In addition to being a nuisance to deal with, bed bugs spread quickly and are infamous for their bites. To avoid a full-blown infestation in your Long Island home or business, it’s crucial to understand what causes bed bugs in the first place.

As soon as you notice any of the below signs of bed bugs in your property, it’s time to call the bed bug pest control experts at Arrow Exterminating.

Early Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are minuscule and can be difficult to spot for the untrained eye. There are several ways to determine whether you have a bed bug infestation or not. Four signs & symptoms of bed bugs to look out for include:

  1. Red or rusty stains. Bed bugs leave a mark when crushed.
  2. Tiny eggshells or eggs. Although rarely seen, eggshells are a pale yellow color.
  3. Small dark specks. Their excrement is only slightly bigger than the size of a period.
  4. Adult bed bugs. Active bugs are often found clustered together.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

If you have an infestation, you may be wondering what causes bed bugs in the first place. Unfortunately, anyone is susceptible to these pests. Infestations most often begin when people travel and unknowingly carry them home with them. Bed bugs are attracted to any area or room that provides them with access to a blood meal, which is why they’re so common in hotels and college dorm rooms. Once they infest a home, bed bugs can quickly and silently spread, making it important to know how to recognize the early signs of bed bugs.

Signs of Bed Bugs in Long Island

If you notice any of the aforementioned early signs of bed bugs, it’s time to get help from a professional bed bug exterminator. The bed bug specialists at Arrow Exterminating know what attracts bed bugs, and will conduct a thorough inspection to look for signs of bed bugs in your property. For more information on signs of bed bugs or to schedule an inspection, contact us today for a free quote!

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