Beetle infestations can take many forms. With the sheer amount of different beetle species present in the United States, it is not uncommon to find a beetle infestation in your home and not have a clue what kind of bug you’re dealing with. Even the more common beetles in Long Island can go unrecognized if you haven’t taken the time to learn about pests in your area.

If you believe you need beetle control for your home or business, stick around. The experts at Arrow Exterminating will cover the signs of common beetle infestations and the reasons that they might have started.

What Does a Beetle Infestation Look Like?

Depending on the species of beetles in the house, you will notice the effects of their presence in different places. Here are three areas where you might notice the effects of a beetle infestation:

  • Your pantry: Pantry beetles, particularly weevils and confused flour beetles, are always after our dried goods and baking ingredients. If you have a pantry beetle problem, you’ll find small beetles in and around your cupboards or tiny holes chewed through thin food packaging.
  • Your carpets and fabrics: Carpet beetles are a nuisance pest that are often confused with bed bugs because of their size and appearance. They will eat through carpets and fabrics, making tiny holes wherever they go.
  • Your property’s structure: Powderpost beetles are one of the most destructive beetles that we deal with here in Long Island. They bore through the wooden structures in buildings, leaving tiny tunnels and reducing the wood to a powder-like substance. Finding dusty wood shavings in your home could mean that there are powderpost beetles present.

Why Are There Beetles in My House?

Sometimes, beetle infestations are caused by factors that are out of your control. Pantry beetles are often brought into peoples’ homes through already infested goods purchased from a grocery store. Make sure to check any products you want for holes or broken seals before you purchase.

There are also often inconspicuous issues that lead to beetle infestations. Having grubs on your lawn could lead to beetles swarming to an open food source. You might also have excess moisture around your hidden plumbing fixtures that is attracting beetles.

Beetle Pest Control in Long Island

If you want to get a head start on beetle control before your problem gets worse, reach out to our team at Arrow Exterminating. Our beetle removal specialists are highly knowledgeable about the specific beetle species that we see most often here in Long Island. For a free quote, contact us today!

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