Keeping birds away on your own can be ineffective, hazardous, and difficult to do while abiding by local bird control regulations. With so many rules in place surrounding safe bird removal and control, both to protect us and the birds, it is important to leave bird prevention to professionals who are well equipped with the tools and experience to handle everything safely.

At Arrow Exterminating, we are proud to offer bird removal services that prioritize the health and safety of both our customers and local wildlife. Read on to learn more about keeping birds away in Long Island!

What Can I Do to Keep Birds Away?

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to keep birds out of garden planters, off of your porch, or out of your yard. While it is difficult to conduct on your own, there are some bird control measures that you can take to keep your yard bird-free:

  • Aluminum foil: Placing aluminum foil around areas in your yard where birds land can deter them. The reflection of the sun off of its surface will deter them.
  • Mock predators: Scarecrows are around for a reason! However, we aren’t limited to the traditional image that you might be thinking of. There are fake snakes, owls, hawks, and other decoys that you can purchase at a local home improvement store.
  • Fishing wire: You can string clear fishing wire around areas where birds usually land. The impediment to their flying space will lead them to find a new place to perch.

How Does Professional Bird Pest Control Work?

When you trust Arrow Exterminating to handle your bird removal or prevention needs, we will bring experience and efficiency to the table that can’t be replicated through DIY bird control. After assessing your property to determine the nuisance bird species and the most vulnerable areas, we will develop and execute a plan that will safely and humanely deter birds from your property, teaching you how to maintain a bird-free yard in the process. We will also return as necessary to address any new or lingering bird issues.

Keeping Birds Away in Long Island

If you need help dealing with the birds that are taking over your property, ask your local pest control company about how they can help you keep them away. At Arrow Exterminating, our bird removal experts are trained to utilize the safest and most effective techniques to prevent bird problems on Long Island properties. To learn more about our services or for a free bird pest control quote, contact us today!

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