Bugs inside the home

Bugs inside the homePeople often talk about sending mixed signals. Well, your home could accidentally be signaling to pests that they’re welcome! Learn how simple pest management can send a “no vacancy” signal instead.


What Attracts Bugs in Your House?

Whether it’s insects or rodents, the main reasons why any kind of pest infests your home is because they’re seeking some combination of:

  • Water
  • Easy food sources
  • Warmth in the winter
  • Shelter
  • Protection from extreme heat in summer

Those core items explain much of what makes your home attractive to pests. They can play out in different ways, but almost all of the pest attractors relate to one of those five items… so good pest management means eliminating or controlling them.

1. Indoor/outdoor pets and pet doors

Any opening that allows your cat and/or dog to let themselves in and out will allow any number of pests to also enter – from ants to rodents. Your pet isn’t off the hook either! Indoor/outdoor pets are more prone to carrying fleas, lice, mites, and other pests and parasites, and they’ll bring them right to you, your sofa, bed, and more.

2. Firewood

A cozy fireplace is lovely, but a wide range of insects can hitch a ride into your house on the firewood that feeds it. So, you should only bring in wood as you’re burning it and leave any extra outside. Your firewood should be stored off the ground and at least 50 feet away from your home. Hate the inconvenience? Did we mention that wood piles also attract termites and carpenter ants?

3. Outdoor lighting

Typical outdoor lights can attract thousands of insects after being on for just an hour or so. That’s because of the light bulb’s wavelength and temperature. “Bug lights” – which are geared toward a part of the spectrum less attractive to insects – will limit the appeal. With regular bulbs, all of those bugs will be right there when you open the door. Change the outdoor lights closest to your house to motion sensor lights to limit the attraction as well.

4. Clogged gutters

Clearing rain gutters is a great way to avoid pests. Clogged rain gutters allow water to pool and even back up on roofs… causing damage that allows a wide range of insects to invade. With severe roof damage, a crack could even form that would allow squirrels and rodents to enter. Gutters can also be a water source for invading insects, as well as becoming a potential nest for problematic birds if there’s enough plant material trapped in your gutters.

5. Dirty dishes

Food scraps on dishes (no matter how small) are like putting out a smorgasbord for insects and even rodents. The more dishes or pans left dirty in the sink, the stronger the attraction. Filling plates, pots, or your sink with water isn’t a deterrent either because pests also like water sources… so then you’re providing two attractors.

Arrow Has Pest Control Solutions

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