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The holidays are a time for warmth, great food, and gathering together – unfortunately, that doesn’t just apply to family and friends, it applies to bed bugs as well. These insidious insects can hitch a ride into your home and promptly turn your space into their space, delivering itchy, painful bites while increasing their number exponentially. There’s good news, however: getting rid of them isn’t as difficult as you might believe, and keeping them out for good is even easier. Here’s how to make sure the only thing that stays in your home or facility are the human guests you invite for the holidays:

Keep Aware of Potential Problems

Many people mistakenly believe that bedbugs only happen to “dirty” homes – unfortunately, even the cleanest one can end up with these troublemakers! Bed bugs can be passed almost imperceptibly on clothing, personal items, linens and other bug-friendly belongings anywhere people congregate. That’s why it’s a good idea to always check your belongings for evidence of bed bugs after a trip, particularly if you’ve stayed in a hotel. if you’re playing host, offer to let incoming guests use laundry facilities or shower off to “freshen up” as they arrive – it’s good host manners, and also serves as a great way to cut back on bed bug risk. Unobtrusive and handy, items like mattress covers that encase the entire mattress will also remove an – unsurprisingly – common place that bedbugs congregate.

Act Quickly if You Suspect Bedbugs

Isolate any belongings – linens, clothing, towels, and so on – that show evidence of bed bugs and seal in plastic bags or trash bags to prevent further activity. Contact Arrow Exterminating to assess the situation and recommend immediate, effective bedbug extermination methods for your Long Island home. The longer you wait to solve a bedbug problem, the more challenging it will be to eliminate it, and that means more sleepless nights and uncomfortable, embarrassing bites. If you think that bedbugs may have snuck in, let our fast, friendly extermination team show them the door: contact Arrow Exterminating now.

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