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As a homeowner in Long Island, New York, you care about your property. You know that routine maintenance will both ensure the longevity of your home, and keep your family healthy for as long as you live there. But, have you considered how important pest control is? 

Your home is surrounded by nature. It’s beautiful, as you sit on your deck with a drink in one hand and a snack in the other. Yet, nature is home to many different varieties of pests that can wreak havoc both within and around your home.

Don’t take any chances with the health and safety of your family’s oasis. Find residential pest management in Long Island, NY, who has a long history keeping island homes free of pests like birds, insects, and rodents.


Don’t settle for a company that’s been in business for a short period of time. Look for residential pest control in Long Island, NY, with a business record of fifty years or more. They’ve seen every manner of pest on the island. Moreover, they’ve perfected specific strategies to rid your home of them.

Ask if it’s a family run business. Companies that pass down through generations are particularly worth hiring. The skills have been gifted down from grandfather to father, and then father to sons and daughters. When an individual grows up within a pest-control environment they develop their skills instinctively. One glance at the perimeter of your home will tell them everything they need to know about potential termite action. A quick inspection of your kitchen will either confirm for you, or allay your fears that cockroaches have invaded.


Pest control technicianReputable companies belong to the Long Island Pest Control Association. Founded by Bernard Stegman in 1952, it served as a way to bring all local island, and some off-island, pest control servicemen together. They shared ideas and learned from each other; the goal being to provide better and more comprehensive service throughout the boroughs and surrounding counties. When you hire residential pest control in Long Island, NY, you can count on quick, knowledgeable, and effective service.


When you discover a potential pest in, or around, your home there’s no time to waste. Just as you can’t put off the phone call to the exterminator, you don’t want to hear that they are booking out a week or two. 

Pest issues do not get better on their own. In fact, they only get worse. Call a company with enough employees that they can send someone out to do a thorough analysis of your property within 24-hours. 

If you suspect that you’ve got a pest issue, call residential pest management in Long Island.  They have a 70-year family history exterminating birds, insects, and rodents.

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