Wasp on wood

Wasp on woodWasps are frequently viewed as the bullies of the insect kingdom. In late summer and fall, they are more likely to be aggressive; but wasps can also be beneficial. They eat pests including annoying and crop-damaging insects.

However, they can be quick to react to what they perceive as threats to their nests or themselves. That means avoiding wasp nests, and carefully addressing them, is important so you don’t get stung.

Where Do Wasps Nest?

Spring often leads to wasps exploring and making new homes. Wasp nests are frequently found in attics or around windows – but they can also create nests near or under decks, inside cars that are left unused for months, and on the underside of patio tables.

Other places wasps can nest include:

  • Under eaves
  • In or along garden sheds and garages
  • On or under outdoor furniture
  • Above, under or on playground equipment
  • Soffits and exterior fascia

Paper wasps create nests in trees. Ground wasps match their name and live below ground.

Why Are Wasps Attracted to My Deck?

It’s the wood. The wood fibers in decking are attractive to wasps building nests. Gaps between the boards can also be beneficial when they are anchoring a nest to an existing structure.

How do I keep wasps out of my umbrella?

The last thing you want is to open your patio umbrella and find – or be attacked by – wasps. Movement is the key.

Wasps can technically build a nest almost anywhere, but they avoid items that move. If you’re regularly using, opening, and closing the umbrella, wasps are less likely to select it as a nesting site. For extra safety, store the umbrella in a shed, garage, deck box, etc. when not in use.

DIY sites sometimes suggest attaching a dog’s flea collar to the umbrella ribs. The idea is that the flea repellent also deters wasps, but since there are questions about the long-term use of flea collars for dogs, why take the risk? Put the umbrella away when not in use and wasps will likely select another area.

Do Wasps Hate Garlic?

They are not fond of it. That leaves some DIYers to extol the value of using garlic to deter wasps, but it’s not an easy solution. Getting the smell of garlic everywhere a wasp could possibly be is difficult – and smelly.

Get Help with Wasps

The smartest way to get rid of aggressive wasps and other insects is to call a professional like Arrow Exterminating. We’ll start by properly identifying the type of insect, finding all of its nesting areas, and removing it. Why risk painful, dangerous stings when the experts at Arrow can do it for you? If you think you have a wasp, hornet, or yellow jacket problem; contact Arrow Exterminating.

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