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Leaves on trees aren’t the only things that change in the fall. There are lots of metamorphoses that occur in nature in the fall as temperatures cool down. As winter approaches, you will see less plant growth, some animals will begin to hibernate and there are fewer visible signs of life. But that doesn’t mean that pests will go away. It’s true that some insects and other creatures that can cause infestation become much less of a problem as the weather gets colder, but Arrow Exterminating wants you to know that there are still creatures that can invade your home this fall.

Arrow Exterminating Protects You From Pests Year Round

Arrow Exterminating has been a leader in the pest control industry for more than 70 years. We offer a wide variety of services for both residential and business customers in both Nassau and Suffolk County and the five boroughs of New York City. We will send technicians to your home and they will very carefully look for any sign of infestation and any signs of damage from pests. If we find something, we’ll design a treatment plan for you. We also do commercial services for a wide variety of customers, from restaurants to nursing homes to food services and more. Arrow has the expertise to stop pests.

Insects in Autumn

When you think of colder weather, you tend to think of it as a time when you don’t see many insects. According to the Smithsonian Institution, insects have a variety of ways to survive the winter. Some hibernate and some insects have other ways to stay alive. Some look to move underground and insulate themselves. Honeybees stay semi-active by generating heat. Others are able to survive by seeking shelter in plants or in trees.

One type of insect that can end up in your home while you shelter is the carpenter ant. Like termites, carpenter ants can do damage to the wood in your home. But while termites eat wood, carpenter ants mine their way through wood. According to the University of Minnesota Extension, carpenter ants can be found in stored firewood. They can also get into your home through basements and outside walls as well as wooden porches and decks. You should also check tree branches around the house.

Roaches also stay active in autumn and can spread disease, according to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). Spiders come in to shelter for the colder months as well.

Other Pests of Fall

In addition to carpenter ants, there are other pests that are commonly active in the fall. Many of them are rodents and other animals like mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons, woodchucks, moles and voles. Rodents and these other creatures can carry diseases and they can also damage your property. They can also cause damage to your home’s infrastructure including insulation and wires, which can be a potential fire hazard.

Arrow Exterminating Can Keep Away the Pests of Fall

If you think any of the pests of fall are affecting your home or business, Arrow Exterminating is your best line of defense. We’ll find out where these pests are hiding and help keep your property pest free. To learn more, contact Arrow today.

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