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Throughout the New York metropolitan area, two words have the ability to strike fear in the heart: bed bugs. The number of bed bug reports in this region has skyrocketed in recent years, and anyone with experience with these tiny creatures knows how frustrating an infestation can be. Learning how bed bugs get in your home and how to rid yourself of them once inside can help you rest easier.

How Bed Bugs Enter Your Home

Because bed bugs are so small and great at fitting in tight spaces, they can enter your home hidden in your personal belongings, luggage, used furniture or even on you or a guest without you noticing. Once inside, bed bugs typically hide themselves where they have easy access to food sources at night; since bed bugs feed on blood, that means in mattresses, bed frames, box springs or headboards. With time, bed bugs may move into protected locations in other rooms; in apartment buildings, it is possible for bed bugs to move from one apartment to an adjacent one.

Ridding Your Home of a Bed Bug Infestation

The first step in getting bed bugs out of your home involves a thorough cleaning of the places they live. All affected clothes and bedding should be washed and dried on high heat. If your mattress is infested, vacuum it well, then cover it with a tight cover to prevent any remaining bugs from escaping–or play it safe and throw it away entirely. However, completely getting rid of a bed bug infestation almost always requires a chemical treatment administered by a professional exterminator.

Tips for Bed Bug Prevention

Because it is so easy for bed bugs to make their way into your home, it’s almost impossible to reduce your chance of getting bed bugs to zero. However, you can take steps to catch any bed bug infestation early to limit the related removal costs. De-cluttering your home can make seeing bed bugs easier, and always washing your bedding on the highest setting can kill any bugs that make it in. Any used furniture should be closely inspected before bringing it inside, and scanning your home after any trips or visitors can help catch new invaders..

Ridding your home of bed bugs requires the services of a NYC pest control expert with experience dealing with these tiny nuisances. At Arrow Exterminating, we have decades of experience with bed bug removal in Long Island and throughout the New York metropolitan area; simply contact us to schedule a consultation.

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