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termite-damaged-wood-removalTermites are dreaded pests that can cause serious property damage to your home. When your house becomes targeted by termites, it is only a matter of time before many of the structural wooden parts of your property become significantly damaged. If you are concerned about termites, you may want to schedule a termite treatment with a company near Long Island offering pest control. By trusting your termite control to the professionals, you can rest assured that your termite issue has been taken care of for good. To help you avoid a potential termite problem, read on to learn more about what attracts termites to a home.



Termites are primarily attracted to homes because their diet consists of cellulose-based materials. For example, wood is a major part of a termite’s diet. Unfortunately, the wooden parts of your house provide the perfect nourishment for a colony of termites. In fact, untreated wooden surfaces can attract termites. To help prevent a termite infestation, you should be sure to treat or remove any untreated lumber from your property.


Along with food, a termite colony is typically looking for adequate shelter. Subterranean termites prefer to live in environments where they are protected from predators and have access to plenty of food. When a termite colony finds a home, they will burrow deep into the wooden parts of the structures. These tunnels provide both food and shelter to termites, and are typically not visible to the naked eye.


Moisture is a final factor that will attract termites to your home. Moisture is essential to termites to live and thrive. Not only do termites use moisture to nourish themselves, but they also require small amounts of water to construct the mud tunnels that they use to move from place to place. By removing all of these attracting elements from your property, you can go a long ways towards making sure that your home does not fall prey to a termite infestation.


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