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If you’re dealing with any type of bug or rodent problem, you’re better off hiring an experienced pest control company in NYC rather than trying to take care of the problem yourself. A pest management professionally can quickly work through your home, addressing problem areas and eliminating your unwanted house guests for good. However, there are a few steps you can take to make sure your exterminator’s visit is as quick, efficient, and effective as possible.


Clean Up and Organize

You don’t need to clean up your home to impress your exterminator, only to help him do his job more effectively. If you are hiring a pest control company to take care of a rat or mice infestation in your home, remove items from under the sinks in the bathrooms and kitchen and items within two feet of the exterior of your house. If you live in an apartment, try to move furniture and belongings along the wall to the center of your bedroom or living room to give your exterminator a clear path to work.

Make Access Easier

If your home has a crawlspace or attic with standing room, make sure that the access openings are not blocked. For access openings in the closet, remove all clothing and storage items to make the attic more accessible for the rodent exterminator.

Put Animals Away

If you have indoor pets, put them in another room, in their cages, or outside. You may need to move your pets around as the exterminator begins working on different parts or your home. Pest control services don’t take very long at all, so your pets will be back indoors and have free reign over your home in no time. If you are worried about your pets getting sick from pesticides, ask your NYC exterminator about eco-friendly solutions and treatments.


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