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While people might be wanting visitors this spring, ants do not qualify. Unfortunately, spring rain gives ants a reason to look for a new location, and your home can be a very attractive choice.

Why Do I Get Ants in My House in Spring?

Like most creatures, ants need water to live. However, the heavy rains of spring can flood ant nests, leading them to seek higher and drier ground. Add in the food supply your home provides – ants will eat crumbs you might not notice – and what causes ants to invade your house in the spring makes perfect sense.

Even without spring rain, ants in your yard could mean ants inside your house. Ants are natural scavengers so it doesn’t take much for them to explore your home for an easy food source. Due to their tiny size, any crack or opening could provide entry, and once they lay a trail, you can have a full ant infestation.

Will Ants Go Away on Their Own?

Unfortunately, no. Once you have an ant infestation in your home, you’re stuck with them until they’re eradicated. Why would ants give up free food and shelter from natural predators? Worse, home remedies do little or nothing to get rid of the problem permanently.

Can I Get Rid of Ants Permanently?

Yes, but it takes more than just home remedies with limited effectiveness or a store-bought ant trap or two. Proper treatment combined with sealing cracks and securing food are the only ways to truly ensure your home is ant free. Proper identification of the type of ant is also important for effective ant removal.

In order to really get rid of ants, it’s best to:


Without food, ants have less reason to invade your home. Keep food sealed in containers. Wipe tables and counter tops so ants can’t eat crumbs or sticky residue. Put food away. Avoid keeping pet food out, and make sure stored pet food is sealed to prevent ants from getting to it.


Because ants are tiny, even the smallest gap can provide an opening. Scour the outside of your home for any sign of cracks, gaps, or openings. Use silicone caulk, wood putty, etc. to fill those gaps to block future ant entry. Also check weather stripping and replace any that are damaged to ensure tight seals.


Ants can nest in or under mulch, straw, etc. putting them far too close to your home. Instead, replace mulch with gravel, stone, etc.


Single ants are often scouts looking for food sources. If they find anything edible, including sticky spots, they’ll bring back reinforcements.

Arrow Exterminates Ants

Don’t let ants drive you buggy this spring. Real, permanent ant removal doesn’t happen with home remedies. If you think you have an ant problem, call Arrow Exterminating to identify the type of ant and eliminate them. To get started, contact Arrow Exterminating today.

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