low-light-lampWhen temperatures drop, pest problems can worsen inside your home. Rodents and insects tend to gravitate indoors, seeking food and shelter. If you own a newer home, chances are your house is insulated and secure enough to keep pests out. Older homes, on the hand, can offer numerous openings that pests can exploit—it only takes a small crack in the foundation or a damaged vent cover to allow entrance into your home. Once inside, rodents and insects can live comfortably in your walls and crawlspaces for months, wreaking havoc and possibly spreading diseases. That’s why you need to be able to identify the telltale signs that indicate a pest problem. Small problems can be manageable. Full-blown invasions require the services of a pest control professional who’s trained to deal with rodent and cockroach infestation in Long Island, NYC, and the 5 Boroughs. Here are some signs to look out for this winter:


Fecal Trails

One of the most recognizable signs that you may have a pest problem is fecal matter and trails. Usually, rodent and cockroach droppings can be found in pantries and cabinets where food is stored. These droppings may look like darkened rice grains or blackish flecks, respectively, and can be harmful to your health by inducing allergies or transmitting disease. To prevent pests from raiding your food stash, be sure to keep food properly stored in sealed—preferably, airtight—containers.

Scurrying Sounds in Walls

If you notice strange scratching sounds coming from behind your walls on an ongoing basis during the winter, you most likely have a rodent problem. Since rodents have a tendency to nest and breed, you may shortly find your home overrun by rats or mice. There are traps and baits you can purchase at your local hardware store that may or may not solve your problem. For peace of mind, enlist the help of a professional rodent control specialist.

Flickering Lights

Rodents constantly have to gnaw on things to keep their teeth shortened. If they have set up a winter home in your attic or in your walls, rats and mice can damage your home’s electrical wiring, potentially causing a disastrous fire. Flickering lights or electronics can signal a rodent problem.


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