Black & white diagram of a cricket.

Black & white diagram of a cricket.Crickets are loud, hard to catch, and generally pests. Knowing what you’re dealing with – and the type of cricket – can help.

Why Are Crickets So Loud?

Actually, only male crickets are loud. They make noise to attract female crickets, woo the females who come close after hearing their call, or to ward off other male crickets.

Interestingly, male crickets make the noise by rubbing their wings together, not their legs like grasshoppers do. The edge of one set of wings has a row of thick notches like half of a zipper, which is called the file. The wing on the other side has a sharp edge called a scraper. Male crickets rub the scraper against the file at various speeds and angles to produce their different songs.

Do Crickets Bite People?

Field crickets can bite, but it’s very rare for them to puncture skin. The actual danger comes from diseases they can transmit through physical contact or feces.

Are Spider Crickets Dangerous?

Spider crickets (also known as camel crickets) are scary looking but not really dangerous. They also are neither crickets nor spiders… though they look like a weird combination of both, hence the name. Spider crickets are members of the order Orthoptera and are relatives of the grasshopper, locust, and cricket.

One reason why people think they’re dangerous is because they might have seen spider crickets eat each other. Spider cricket mouths are designed for chewing anything – wood, fabric, paper, plants, and even dead or injured spider crickets – but they’re not really designed for biting. The only way a person could be bitten is if one landed on you and tried to nibble. It might hurt but probably would not actually break skin.

Unlike field crickets, spider crickets do not make noise. They are not known to spread or carry any diseases either.

Are Spider Crickets Seasonal?

One of the other names for spider crickets is “cave crickets.” That tells you the kind of habitat they like – damp and dark, like basements. In late summer and during fall you are most likely to see spider crickets as they search for a safe place to spend the winter.

What Are Crickets Good For?

Would you believe field crickets are beneficial for food and food production? Crickets are incredibly good at breaking down plant matter, like dead leaves, into humus which is an organic material nicknamed “gardener’s gold” because it contains so many nutrients for growing plants.

Crickets are also extremely efficient at converting food to increase their body mass. As a result, they are used as a protein source fed to pets and zoo animals. In Southeast Asia they are even fried and eaten as a tasty, high-protein snack.

However, you don’t want field crickets or spider crickets in your house. They can be extremely hard to catch because of how they jump, and they will chew on virtually anything – damaging your belongings.

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