keeping-mosquitoes-outAccording to the World Health Organization, mosquito-borne diseases kill more people every year than any other cause, worldwide. While Americans are at a lower risk for contracting a deadly mosquito-borne disease, mosquitos still pose a significant public health problem in the United States. To keep from driving yourself mad scratching mosquito bites when you wake up, here are some tips on keeping mosquitoes out of your home from a pest control company in Long Island.


Eliminate Standing Water

As is the case with bed bugs and cockroaches, prevention is the best method of treating mosquitos. The best way to keep mosquitos away from your home is to eliminate standing water around your property. Empty bird baths, clean out your gutters, turn over buckets and wheelbarrows, and cap steel fence posts to remove standing water and eliminate mosquito nesting grounds.

Fix Window and Door Screens

If you like to open your doors and windows at night to enjoy the cool air, make sure your screens are intact to keep mosquitoes from getting inside. And if you don’t have screens on your doors and windows, make sure they fit snugly against the frame to eliminate easy entry points for mosquitoes looking for their next blood meal.

Don’t Scare Away the Lizards

If you notice lizards hanging out on the walls outside your home or apartment, don’t scare them away. That’s because lizards feed on mosquitoes and can help keep mosquito populations down around your home. Lizards and other reptiles inside your home is another matter.

If you have a mosquito problem in your home, contact a pest control company as soon as possible. The longer you wait to contact a pest control professional, the more bites you will receive and the larger the mosquito population will grow. When you look around for a pest control provider, ask if the company has specific experience treating mosquito infestations.


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