ratRats are a serious nuisance for any homeowner. If these furry pests take up residence in your home, you and your family members could face exposure to disease and other health problems. A rat exterminator can help you extinguish your rodent problem for good. With the services of a rat exterminator serving NYC, you can rest assured that your home is free and clear of a rat infestation. After your rat extermination procedure, there are several steps that you can take to make sure that these nasty rodents do not reenter you home. Read on for some helpful tips for keeping rats away.


Block Points of Entry

In order to take up residence in your home, rats require a point of entry. To keep rats away, it is a good idea to block off any areas that could be used as an entrance to your house. After inspecting your house for any cracks or holes, you can block these areas with mesh from the hardware store. In addition, you can replace any wooden areas that have rotted away.

Secure Your Windows

Your home’s windows may also allow rats easy access to your home. To ensure that your house is protected from rats, it is a great idea to replace any damaged or missing window screens. In addition, you can inspect your window frames for any cracks or damaged areas. By repairing your windows, you will provide great security against rats.

Seal Up Your Food

Open food containers will create a tempting treat for both rats and mice. To ensure that rats are not enticed to come into your home, it is a good idea to seal up any empty food containers in your pantry. If your home has fruiting trees, be sure to pick up any fallen fruit as soon as it hits the ground. These tips will help you keep your house rat free, throughout the seasons.


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