fall-leaf-with-bugThe end of the summer might offer you relief from bees and wasps near the five Burroughs, but the cooler weather typically replaces these pests with a different brand of bugs. Not all of these intruders are dangerous, but they can still warrant a call to your pest control company of choice. Insects will be looking for a place to keep warm and safe throughout the winter, and your home may be their ideal choice. Here is a quick overview of some of the pests you should be on the lookout for this fall.


Just like humans, outdoor pests would rather find warmth and comfort than brave the cold winter. This is why stink bugs, cluster flies, and ladybugs end up in your home as the weather cools down. While the stink bug does not invade your home with the intentions of feeding or reproducing, it will release a foul stench when squished; it is best to use a vacuum cleaner when dealing with them. Cluster flies also release an odor when they are crushed, although this odor smells of buckwheat. Ladybugs may seem like a friendly type of bug, but they can aggravate your allergies and cause reactions.


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