pollyWhen you contact Arrow Exterminating Co. of Long Island for help with your bed bug problem, we will use a variety of innovative methods to exterminate these pests for good. One of our unique bed bug control methods is our bed bug-sniffing dog, Polly. Polly has undergone rigorous training to assist us with our bed bug inspection procedure. This amazing pooch is able to sniff out bed bugs in a home with amazing accuracy. In addition, this sweet dog is extremely social and loves to interact with her human friends.


By including bed bug-sniffing dog inspections during our bed bug extermination procedures, we are able to ensure that we have removed every pest from your property. If you are concerned about bed bugs in your home, you can trust our highly skilled team of staff to eliminate your problem for good. We look forward to assisting you with your pest control needs.


Meet Polly, Arrow’s Bed Bug-Sniffing Dog Serving Long Island and surrounding areas

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