extreme macro shot of a small moth sitting on fabricWhile moths may seem harmless, they can invade your home and destroy your property. Moths tend to wreck havoc on clothing, food in your pantry, blankets, towels, curtains, furniture, and other belongings.

And, if you’re not aggressive and proactive in halting and clearing your moth infestation, you might not even notice the damage — until it is too late.

Types of Moths Commonly Found in the Greater New York Region

Clothing and pantry moths are two of the most common moths’ species found in the NYC metro area.

1) Clothing Moths. Clothing moths love to make your clothes look like swiss cheese, and will happily eat holes in any fabric, whether it’s your clothes, blankets, or furniture. Clothing moths will also eat away at your carpet and padding. The Webbing Clothes Moth is the most common species in this category.

2) Pantry Moths. Pantry moths, also referred to as grain moths, are particularly invasive in your pantry. They target products made of flour and grains, and especially love cereals. They also feed on pasta, rice, crackers, and pet food. Once they arrive inside your kitchen cabinets or pantry, they start laying eggs and building colonies, causing the moth infestation to begin.

The Indian Meal Moth is a common type of grain moth, and can be especially problematic for homeowners. Other types of pantry moth species include the Mediterranean Meal Moth and the Angoumois Grain Moth

Ridding Your Home of a Moth Infestation

Here at Arrow Exterminating, our pest control specialists in Nassau, Suffolk, and the NYC metro area know how to effectively treat moth infestations to get rid of your problem. After all, we have decades of experience in controlling moths in the northeast region.

It’s important to know that different moth species, requires different moth control treatment methods. The most effective solution for indoor moth infestation is to identify the moth, it’s breeding materials, and what it’s eating. We’ll first identify your moth species, determine what they are eating, and where they are coming from. We’ll then get to work.

Do you have an indoor moth infesting problem? Did you try a DIY method only to find they keep coming back? Contact us online to schedule a moth control service visit to get rid of your moth problem — for good. Or call us at (212) 500-0849 in the NYC metro area, (631) 714-2679 in Suffolk, or (516) 593-7770 in Nassau.

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