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Just because it’s getting cooler out doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about pests invading your home or business. Insects may be more visible during the warmer weather months of spring and summer, but that doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared. Insects can be a threat all year round as can other pests such as rodents. Pest-proofing your home is essential at all times, and Arrow Exterminating is the area’s pest control experts. We prevent infestations every season of every year.

Arrow Exterminating Can Keep You Safe from Pests

Arrow Exterminating has perfected pest control after 70 years of business. We serve the five boroughs of New York City as well as Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island. We’re a family-owned company, but we’re also one of the largest pest control companies in the area. If you think you have an infestation, we’ll come to you and we’ll diagnose the problem and we’ll work out a treatment program. Once you’re rid of the problem we’ll help you take steps to keep problems from cropping up again. We can help you stay pest free all year round, so we want to tell you how to keep your home pest-fee in the fall.

The Pests of Autumn

Not all bugs disappear once autumn arrives. You still have to worry about yellow jackets, which are still very much active in the early part of fall. Bees and wasps are still around too. You also have to watch out for other types of creatures. Rodents can be a particular problem. Mice and rats might seek shelter in the warmth of your home, while squirrels might find their way into your basement, garage or the crawl space in your attack. You also need to worry about roaches as the weather gets colder.

Mice are not innocent cartoon characters. If you have a rodent infestation, you have a problem. According to the Nassau County website, mice and other rodents carry disease. Mice can spread a virus through saliva, urine, and feces that can make you sick. The county urges residents to contact an exterminator if they see evidence of rodent infestation in their home. Roaches can trigger allergies and difficulty for asthma patients.

Keeping Your Home Safe

According to Bob Villa’s website, there are steps homeowners can take to prevent home infestations in the fall. One thing you should do is inspect the exterior of your home. Pay particular attention to areas where utility pipes enter your home. If you see cracks or crevices seal them using silicone caulk. For larger holes, fill them with steel wool, which deters pests, because of the rough steel fibers. Keep your doors and windows secure by installing door sweeps and repairing cracks under doors, while repairing any torn screens.

Let Arrow Exterminating Protect Your Home This Fall

Fall is not the time to let your guard down against pests. If you suspect you may have an infestation, or even if you’re trying to prevent one, Arrow Exterminating will work to keep your home pest-free* as the temperatures drop. To learn more, contact us today.


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