Dishes piling up in the sink

Dishes piling up in the sinkHoliday guests are a welcome winter addition – so long as they aren’t pests. A small infestation in the fall or early winter can turn into a big problem as the season progresses. Following a few simple steps can keep pests out of your home. Even better… many of these steps will also help prevent heat loss, keeping your home cozy and comfortable.

10 Winter Pest Tips To Follow:

• Doors and windows

Install or replace door sweeps so bugs can’t easily crawl under a door. Repair or replace window screens. Add or replace weather stripping.

• Close any gaps

Check foundations for cracks and fill them. Do the same with gaps around pipes, cables, conduits, etc. that lead into the house (as well as loose mortar). Mice can crawl through a gap as small as a dime.

• Keep trees and bushes trimmed

Pests can use branches that touch your house as a pathway into your home. Keep trees and bushes trimmed so there’s a gap between them and your house.

• Store firewood away from the house

A 20-foot or more distance between the wood pile and your house is recommended because firewood is a favorite nesting place. Also make sure to store your wood off the ground.

• Keep your yard clean

Rake fallen leaves, clean up branches, and remove anything else that could be a nesting place for pests.

• Clear clutter

Much like keeping your yard clean deprives pests of a place to hide and nest, getting rid of indoor clutter does the same. By not having clutter, it’s also easier to find signs of an infestation.

• Fix the drips

Leaking pipes and dripping faucets can provide moisture pests need to survive. Depriving them of water makes your home less attractive – and saves money on your water bill as well as potentially fixing plumbing problems before they get bad.

• Solid storage

Keep food tightly sealed in containers that pests can’t wiggle into or chew through. Depriving pests of food is another crucial step to preventing infestations. Wipe off counters, tables, and stovetops to keep the kitchen clean. Even one crumb can feed bugs.

• Don’t leave things out

That includes not leaving dirty dishes in the sink – pests love that – as well as leaving pet food out overnight because that also attracts pests. Some bugs (like cockroaches) can swim… so dishes soaking for hours can turn into a pest pool party. Standing water in houseplants can also be a problem. Be sure to drain the excess.

• Check your Christmas tree

Live trees smell wonderful but they can also transport pests into your home. Check for spiders and other bugs before you bring it inside.

How Can I Tell If I Have Pest Infestation?

While the steps above will prevent many pest infestations, nothing is foolproof. If you see any of the following signs, you could have a pest problem:

  • Fine powder similar to sawdust on countertops and in drawers
  • Droppings/tiny oval pellets
  • Actual sawdust (especially in piles) under wood beams, furniture, etc.

Arrow Prevents Pest Infestations

Whether it’s a private home or business, protect it from pests at any time of the year. It’s especially important now. Talk to our experts at Arrow about preventative pest control to meet any need. To get started, contact Arrow Exterminating today.

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