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Warmer weather means spending time in Long Island backyards – especially this summer with the COVID-19 outbreak curtailing many normal activities. While it’s unclear when the governor will relax restrictions, large events like festivals, concerts, etc. are unlikely for a while. That means more time spent grilling and playing backyard games as an alternative, albeit with just your housemates. So, insect control will be more important than ever this year.

Why Use Preventative Pest Control Services?

Pest treatment is essential if you have an insect or rodent infestation – but that’s only part of the solution for pest control. Whether it’s to prevent an infestation or as a follow-up after treatment to ensure continued safety, preventative pest control is the smart solution.

Even more importantly, insect and rodents frequently take up residence before you realize it. The old saying that by the time you see a pest, it’s already too late is quite true. Besides the distress that insects and rodents cause; they bring mites, dander, and parasites. Their excrement can also trigger allergies and asthma.

What Are Preventative Pest Control Services

Arrow Exterminating preventative pest control services are performed by our seasoned experts, who are following all CDC guidelines for COVID-19. Preventative pest control includes:

  • A thorough inspection
  • Creation of a detailed pest elimination plan
  • Efficient implementation of pest control services

First Steps to Preventing Pests

While commercial pest control provides the best results, every day actions are also important and provides a perfect complement to professional services.

Prevent insect and rodent infestations by:

    1. Sealing food properly

Insects and rodents of all kinds seek food sources. If you don’t make it easy for them, your home and property is less attractive. Make sure you clean up after every cookout. Keep food sealed in containers. Wipe tables and counter tops. It’s also important to avoid keeping pet food out, and seal stored pet food tightly.

    1. Fix drips

Many pests also require a water source. Fix drips indoors and out to deter them.

    1. Store firewood away from the house

A raised stack kept at least 20 feet away from the house is best.

    1. Seal cracks

Insects can enter through the smallest cracks and mice can squeeze in through a gap the size of a dime. Check the outside of your home for any sign of gaps, cracks, or openings.

If you think a rodent got in through a gap, stuff it with steel wool, which they cannot chew. Use silicone caulk, wood putty, etc. to fill those cracks and gaps. Also check weather stripping and replace any that are damaged to ensure tight seals.

    1. Get rid of mulch

Insects and rodents can nest in or under mulch, straw, etc. Replace mulch with gravel, stone, etc.

Arrow Keeps Your Home Pest-free

Protect your home from pests. Talk to our experts at Arrow about preventative pest control. To get started, contact Arrow Exterminating today.

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