Professional exterminator spraying along the baseboards.

Professional exterminator spraying along the baseboards.If you are in the housing market, most people know that they need a home inspection done to look for potential structural issues. However, did you know that you should also get your potential new home inspected for animal and insect infestations? Hiring a residential pest control company to do an inspection before you commit to buying a home can save you a ton of heartache and financial issues in the future. At Arrow Exterminating in Nassau County, NY, we know that the initial inspection is important, but once you’ve purchased a home, a regular inspection will help you protect yourself against damage and financial loss.

Prevent Defense

Residential pest control services are experts in finding bugs before they become a problem. A preventative treatment can save you and your home from a full-blown infestation of termites, earwigs, or other pests. Even if treatment is not called for, the exterminator can spot potential hazards and make recommendations for eliminating food sources and environments that would otherwise encourage pests to make your home theirs.

Defend Your Finances

According to Benjamin Franklin, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Too often in our society of immediate gratification, tough financial situations, and extreme consumer tendencies, people find it difficult to think beyond the next paycheck. However, calling out a bug expert regularly will help you with your residential pest control cost. An inspection and spot treatment will be cheaper than having to erect a tent and fumigate the entire home. Even better, some companies will offer a discount if you select a contract agreement for services over the course of a specified period of time!

Defend Your Investment

A dead cockroach.For most people, their homes are also their largest investment. A residential pest control company can help protect that investment by removing problems like termites and mice. Insect damage is usually not covered by insurance because controlling insects is considered part of the everyday maintenance of the home. If you have things chewing on your boards or making a mess in your attic, you could find the damage to be more extensive than is otherwise believable. Regular inspections don’t make it possible for the problem to get too far out of hand.

Prevent Anxiety

The best thing that residential pest management in Nassau County, NY, can do for you is provide peace of mind. With regular pest inspections, you can rest assured that you are doing everything you can to prevent damage from insects of all kinds. Not only will you protect your home, but you will also protect your family. Insects and rodents can cause health issues. Get rid of them and prevent them from finding your home a good place to be, and you can spend your time doing something other than worrying.

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