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Every season brings something new—and that includes some new pests to attempt to infiltrate your home. Residential pest control in Nassau County, NY, is here to help—but in the meantime, here’s what you need to know about the pest problems of each season of the year in the area.


Rodents: This dilemma speaks for itself. The weather is a war zone outside, so the rodents near your home can’t help but be attracted to the light and warmth of your home. That doesn’t mean that they’re welcome! If you have any walls between your garage and your home, etc., rodents may just take advantage of that and try to invade your space during this season.

Wood Pests: That authentic Christmas tree looks and smells so nice, but it also might be carrying wood mites or other wood-dwelling pests inside with it. Make sure you shake your living Christmas tree thoroughly before you carry it inside your home.


Termites: This is perhaps one of the most terrifying pest words out there. Termites can cause expensive, irreparable damage to your home. They can infiltrate any season of the year, but spring is the time of year when termites send out what are known as swarmers—those termites whose mission is to start up a new colony. Your goal is to make sure it’s not your home.

Bed Bugs: These pests can also manifest at any time of the year, but in spring, they tend to spread faster because of how much people are traveling the country. Make sure you’re not carrying bed bugs back from your spring break!


spiderCockroaches: No one wants to suffer the wrath of a cockroach infestation. They may not be particularly mean, but they are disgusting. They thrive during the summer, a season in which they’ll also actively spread their wings and fly—and nothing is as terrifying as when cockroaches fly.

Flies: Nothing spells summer like lazy heat and obnoxiously buzzing flies. Every time you open your front door, you risk letting one of these pests inside your home. They like to congregate outside of homes during the summer, so watch yourself!


Ladybugs: They may be cute, but they’re a true pest for crops. If you’re trying to tend a garden and it’s not going well, these little ladies and gents may be the problem.

Boxelder Bugs: Boxelder and maple trees love to attract boxelder bugs. These pests also love to go from nearby trees to inside of your home, and they’ll be as intrusive as you wish they wouldn’t be to get what they want. Watch out!

Knowing what season of the year different pests become active can help you be proactive about tackling or treating them and keeping your home clean and secure. Residential pest control in Nassau County, NY, is much easier whenever you partner with a professional who has the knowledge to fight pests and keep your home protected.

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