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Emerald ash borers are on Long Island and because they can infest trees without a homeowner realizing it, it is often too late when they are detected. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County discovered the emerald ash borer in the Town of Southold in 2018.

What Is the Emerald Ash Borer?

Originally from Asia, the emerald ash borer is an invasive species in North America. Emerald ash borers, as their name indicates, burrow into ash trees through cracks in the bark. The larvae eat inner bark which interferes with the tree’s ability to process water and nutrients.

Because adult emerald ash borers don’t travel very far – no more than a half a mile – the primary method for long distance transportation is through infested firewood. Emerald ash borer infestations are one of the reasons for New York state’s rules on transporting firewood. All species of ash trees are susceptible to emerald ash borers.

Is the Emerald Ash Borer Still a Problem?

Yes. On both Long Island and nationally, the emerald ash borer is an ongoing problem. It has killed more than 50 million North American ash trees – with white ash, black ash, and green ash trees impacted the most. The death of the ash trees due to emerald ash borer infestation can have a devastating effect on forests, disrupting the ecosystem.

In fact, the ash trees in Bellport have been infested so severely that the Bellport Garden Club has been raising money since October to save the remaining public ash trees. Twenty have already died due to emerald ash borer infestations.

Why is the Emerald Ash Borer a Problem?

Once an ash tree is infested with emerald ash borers, its fatality rate is 100 percent. They also attack both perfectly healthy trees and those that are already stressed.

Among the other effects of an emerald ash borer infestation are:

  • Loss of food and habitat for a variety of species
  • Harm to rural and urban biodiversity
  • Loss of timber

Can Emerald Ash Borers Bite Humans?

One of the few good things about the emerald ash borer is that it does not sting or bite humans. They also don’t carry any diseases which affect humans.

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