carpenter-beeTo most people, all bees look the same. When you have a bee infestation in your yard, however, it can be helpful to determine what kind of bees you are dealing with. In many cases, homeowners believe that they have bumblebees, only to learn from a pest control professional that they have carpenter bees. Read on to learn how to tell if your property has been invaded by these pests.


They look different than most bees. Most bumblebees are easily recognizable because of their distinctive yellow and black stripes. Carpenter bees, however, are almost entirely black and do not have any hair. In most cases, you don’t have to worry about being attacked: male carpenter bees can’t sting you, since they don’t have stingers, while female carpenter bees will only sting if they feel threatened by you.

They are leaving holes in wood. Carpenter bees are sometimes called borer bees, and for good reason—they dig tunnels in wood in order to build their nests, leaving behind half-inch holes. Piles of sawdust and yellowish traces are also a strong indicator that carpenter bees are present. If left unchecked, carpenter bees can significantly damage walls, fences, and siding. They generally prefer wood that has not been painted on or finished.

They’re making noise in your home. If you can hear bees moving about inside your walls, you’re almost certainly hearing carpenter bees. Bumblebees generally do not nest in homes, but carpenter bees do. If you hear them, it’s time to call a Long Island pest control service. Carpenter bees hibernate in the cold months, so you’re most likely to start seeing them around in the spring.

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