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Fleas are parasitic, bloodsucking creatures that live off of mammals and birds. There are many kinds of fleas known to man, but the species that cause the most heartache for people are the ones that are attracted to, and that feed on, cats and dogs. Fleabites can cause intense itching and overall uncomfortableness. They can also be the cause of viral or bacterial diseases when infected fleas administer the bites. Luckily, most pet owners can successfully keep these critters at bay by using a variety of pest control methods such as insecticides applied directly to skin, oral medications, and chemically treated collars.

Though cat and dog fleas prefer to feed on their respective hosts, these insects are opportunistic and will feed on humans if given the chance. To protect you, your family, and four-legged friends, you should routinely treat for fleas, especially during the times when they tend to be most active. However, in spite of your efforts, you may find yourself experiencing a flea infestation, or a similar problem, in your home that requires professional pest control services in the 5 Boroughs. If that’s the case, be sure to hire an experienced pest control technician.


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