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In the classic 1960 children’s novel, “The Cricket in Times Square,” a Connecticut cricket named Chester accidentally gets on a commuter train and ends up living in the “Crossroads of the World” where he helps a boy save his father’s newsstand. Chester was a lovable cricket, but if you’re surprised by a cricket in the basement of your home, you may not find it as lovable. Crickets are a pest that are still common this time of year. They aren’t dangerous but they certainly are a nuisance, and they can create odor.  If they’re being a nuisance to you, Arrow Exterminating can take care of your cricket problem.

Arrow Exterminating Has Been Serving Customers For 70 Years

Arrow Exterminating has the experience to get rid of any pest that invades your home or business. We’ve been pest control experts since 1947 and we serve Nassau and Suffolk Counties and the five boroughs of New York City. We’re a family run company and we’re tenacious enough to take on the tough problems. We also pride ourselves on being accessible to our customers. We get a lot of calls about crickets at this time of the year, so we want to tell you what you need to know about crickets.

Common Types of Crickets We See

Crickets prefer to live outdoors and tend not to survive well or breed indoors, according to the Spruce. But they are attracted to warmth and they will go inside when the weather turns colder. They can also accidentally hop through open doors and windows.

One of the most common type of cricket is actually an outdoor cricket known as the field cricket. The male field cricket is known for its loud chirps which can happen up to 30 times a minute. Field crickets are usually black, but they can also be brown or straw colored. They have long antennae and appendages that come out of their abdomen. Female field crickets have three appendages, males have two.

Another type of cricket, the house cricket can survive indefinitely in houses, according to the National Pest Management Association. They have a yellowish brown color and they have three dark crossbones on their head. Their antennae are often longer than their body, and they have long wings that lie flat on its back.

Remember when we talked above about running into a scary cricket in your basement? If this happens to you, we’re most likely talking about the camel cricket, which is also known as the “cave cricket.” They are humpbacked, which is why they are called camel crickets. They’re also colored light or dark brown and adult camel crickets are between 13 and 33 millimeters. They have large hind legs, which can be the reason they startle you when they jump, and a long set of antennae which enable them to get around dark places like your basement.

Arrow Can Take Care of Your Cricket Problem

You can keep crickets from getting into your home by caulking and sealing the entry points into your home. But if the crickets have entered or you think they might have, let Arrow Exterminating know.  We’ll inspect your property and we’ll create a treatment plan for you. Contact us today.

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