What-Diseases-Do-Rodents-Carry-While mice and rats can sometimes seem like a minor issue in your home, these furry pests actually pose a serious health risk to you and your family. To protect your household from the health dangers of rodents, it is essential to contact a rodent exterminator at the first sign of an infestation. A company offering pest control in NYC can provide you with rat and mouse extermination services. By trusting the professionals when you are getting rid of mice, you can rest assured that your pest problem has been totally eliminated. To highlight the importance of hiring a rodent exterminator, here is a look at some of the harmful diseases that rats and mice carry.



Hantavirus is one of the most deadly diseases that can be transmitted by rats and mice. Typically, the virus is found in the droppings that mice leave behind. If you disturb an area that is contaminated with rodent droppings, the virus can become airborne. Some of the symptoms of Hantavirus include nausea, cramping, and high fever. In certain cases, Hantavirus can lead to death.


While the plague may seem like a problem of the distant past, this deadly disease can still be transmitted by rodents. In recent years, cases of the plague have been appearing across the country. Since rodents are the only animal that is known to carry the plague, it is highly important to make sure that a rat or mouse infestation is totally eliminated from your home.


Rats and mice can also transmit a disease called salmonella. Transmission of salmonella commonly occurs when a rodent gets into the food in your pantry. If you eat food that has been infested with rodents, you could be at risk of becoming infected with salmonella. To ensure that your household is completely protected from the dangers of rodents, it is essential to hire a highly rated pest extermination company.


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