bird flew inside windowA bird can fly into your home if you open a door or a window that does not have a screen. It may rush around in a panic, damaging your delicate items, even though it wants the same thing that you do: to get out. It just doesn’t know how. Other birds may deliberately build their nests in your home, damaging your structure with their waste or disturbing your family with constant noise. You can get rid of both kinds with these strategies.

Accidental Entry

If a bird accidentally flies into one of your rooms, first corral the kids and pets out of the area so they don’t start chasing after the frightened flier. Then shut interior doors so the animal doesn’t fly further into your home. Turn off all lights in the house and the room so they don’t attract the bird. Then shut all the windows except for the one you want the bird to leave from. This exit should be left as wide open as possible so pull back any window coverings.

It’s best if natural sunlight shines through that window because its brightness will attract the bird. If it’s dark out, you may have to turn on outside lights or put a flashlight or spotlight outside the opening to show the bird where to go.

Now vacate the room and leave the creature alone for a while. Give it time to find its way out. If it’s still there when you return, try some gentle encouragement with a broom or a towel to shoo it in the right direction. Be careful not to hit the creature or you may injure it.

Permanent Residents

Birds who deliberately nest in your home are harder to get rid of. Your best defense is prevention: seal any openings they can use to enter the home or install bird spikes on rooftops and ledges. Otherwise, a professional is needed to eliminate the problem. Do not try to trap or catch the resident birds by yourself.

If you want to avoid the hassle of trying to capture a wild creature and possibly injuring it or yourself, contact us at Arrow Exterminating Company. We’ll take care of the problem humanely, quickly, and conveniently.

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