Most of us look forward to the coming of spring. Warm weather means we can be more active outdoors, trips can be planned and the family can spend time relaxing in the yard. All of this is a welcome change from being homebound in winter. But there’s part of spring that we don’t welcome at all. While your family is emerging from their long winter’s nap, some unwanted pests are also emerging. At this time of the year you want to be able to spend your time enjoying spring weather, not worried about your home being infested. You need Arrow Exterminating this Spring.

Arrow Exterminating Protects You From Infestation

You can rely on Arrow to protect your home from infestation. We’ve been helping home and businesses to avoid pests since 1947. Arrow serves Nassau and Suffolk counties as well as the 5 boroughs of New York City. We protect pests of all types and we do it professionally. Arrow Exterminating knows that you shouldn’t fight pests simply by spraying indiscriminately, we work smart. That’s why we keep a full-time, board-certified entomologist on staff. Arrow also relishes taking on the tough problems. We dedicate our business to pest prevention and we know you’re the first line of defense. So here’s a look at pests that come out in early spring.

Don’t Overlook Raccoons and Squirrels

When you think of spring pests, do you tend to only consider insects? That’s a mistake because there are a couple of furry creatures who cause plenty of problems at this time of the year.

You usually have to stay up late to meet one of these pests. Raccoons are nocturnal animals that are often found in wooded areas of the northeast, according to the National Pest Management Association. If they stayed in the woods, it wouldn’t be a problem. It starts to become a problem when you see them rummaging through your trash. Raccoons have young this time of year and they can make a home for themselves in your attic. They tend to do damage indoors with urine.

Squirrels are also common in the spring but are more common during the day. And if you see damage to your home’s insulation or wiring you may have a squirrel infestation. If you see this, there’s a good chance you may have them in your home and you should contact Arrow immediately. Squirrels chew wires which can be really dangerous. Don’t try to remove these animals yourself. They must be removed in compliance with New York state wildlife laws. Arrow has professional wildlife trappers on staff.

A Look at Spring Insects

If you’ve managed to avoid creatures with fur, you need to be aware of the insects of spring as well. April is the time of year where termites begin to swarm. Another common but troublesome spring insect is the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants can damage your home, as do termites, but they do it differently. Whereas termites eat wood, carpenter ants tunnel through wood. If you see small wood shavings in your home, perhaps in your basement, you may have an infestation of carpenter ants.

Get an Advantage Over Spring Pests With Arrow

If you see the signs of infestation, it’s time to move fast to gain the advantage over spring pests. Arrow Exterminating will determine if you have a problem. Then we’ll put together a program to take care of it. Why risk your home or business? Contact the experts at Arrow today.

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