wasp-close-upWasps are among the most feared insects that may show up in your backyard. Like bees and other insects in the order Hymenoptera, wasps can produce a painful sting. Whether your yard has been invaded by bees or wasps, it is crucial to handle the issue with the services of a company offering pest control near Queens. A top rated pest control company will have all of the knowledge and equipment needed to clear wasps away from your yard for good. To help you know what you may be dealing with, here is a look at some essential information about wasps.


Wasp Identification

The first step of knowing whether you have a wasp problem in your home or yard is to learn how to identify these bothersome insects. Wasps share some physical similarities with bees and hornets, but these insects are overall very physically different. To identify a wasp, you can look for an insect that has a slender abdomen and tucked waist area. In addition, wasps feature yellow and black markings.

Wasp Behavior

The behavior of a particular wasp or wasp colony depends on the species. While some wasps are social and live in hives, other wasps are completely solitary. When social wasps are around your home, they may build a nest near or on your property. Certain types of wasps are extremely aggressive, and will defend their hives or food sources. Unlike yellow jackets or other types of bees, wasps can sting their victims many times.

Wasp Removal

The steps of wasp removal are generally dependant on the wasp species that are present on your property. When you contact a pest control company to help you get rid of a wasp problem, your technician will start by observing the behavior of your wasps. Next, he will identify the location of any nests that may be present around your home. This vital information will determine the next steps of pest control.


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