close-up-honeybeeAll pests are inconvenient and unwanted, but some of them can actually be dangerous. While a bed bug bite near Long Island may not be cause for alarm, stings from bees and wasps may be painful and can sometimes have serious health implications. It is important to call a qualified pest control company as soon as you notice an infestation of stinging insects in order to protect yourself and your family. Read on if you would like to find out why some insects sting.

Parents often reassure their children that if they do not bother insects, the insects will not bother them. Insects typically do not sting for the sake of stinging; instead, they sting to defend their colonies or nests. Some may also sting as a method of hunting their prey or feeding. Certain insects will also bite in addition to stinging. Insects use their stingers to poke small holes in their prey or something they perceive to be a threat. Many insects can then fill these small holes with venom, which typically contains toxic proteins. Most people who receive this toxic protein will be fine, but some are highly allergic and should seek immediate medical treatment.


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