Mouse in the snow

Mouse in the snowWhile it’s easy to assume that the need for pest control diminishes with cold winter weather, that is not the case. This year it is even more crucial due to COVID-19. Ironically, the pandemic increased the odds of pest infestations and made treating them both more important and more complicated.

Why are Pests so Bad this year?

Any change to human habits and lifestyles also affects pests and vermin… so 2020 has made pest control essential. Lockdowns and the much greater increase in people working from home (even after things reopened) drastically decreased the normal amount of trash and stray food which rats, mice, and other pests consume. That led to rats becoming more aggressive in many cities, train stations, etc.

Another issue caused by the lockdowns was commercial businesses being shut down too quickly and therefore without proper cleaning. Worse, the prolonged closures sometimes meant that those businesses never reopened – presenting perfect opportunities for infestation to not only occur but take hold strongly.

Even if a place was meticulously cleaned before lockdown, the disruption to their normal food sources meant that rodents and other pests are going to search farther than usual. If they find any food source, no matter how small, it could turn into a full infestation. Decreases in human activity – either through closings or scaled back hours – gives pests more opportunities to invade the building.

COVID and Food Service

The topic of staying COVID safe and preventing pest problems in a food service business is serious enough that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) produced best practices guidelines for re-opening and operating during the pandemic.

In addition to COVID recommendations for ventilation, air circulation, and signs about stopping the spread of COVID; the pest recommendations include:

  • Checking for pest infestations
  • Ensuring that pest control measurements are operating properly
  • Inspecting food for pest activity

COVID Creating Pest Challenges at Home

With more people at home almost non-stop, more opportunities exist to attract vermin and pests. People who used to have long commutes, and previously ate out more, are now home doing their own food prep and cooking. That means pests can find more crumbs that make your home attractive to them.

If your home is near a business district, restaurants, or shopping areas; the risk is even greater. Bugs and rodents that used to feed at these places could be ranging further for food options, especially if those businesses are closed or have cut back.

Arrow Keeps Your Home or Business Pest-free

Protect your business or home from pests at any time of the year. If you have a business, it is especially important this year to consider pest control measures. Talk to our experts at Arrow about preventative pest control to meet any need. To get started, contact Arrow Exterminating today.

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