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Are you afraid that you have pantry pests in your home right now? There are plenty of pantry pests that will capitalize on all kinds of food left open or unsealed in your kitchen. Any dried foods are fair game, so if you keep cereal, rice and other grains, sugar, flour, cake mixes, or similar ingredients in your pantry, you should be keeping your eyes peeled for an infestation.

We’ve dealt with plenty of pantry pest infestations at Arrow Exterminating, so if you’re noticing signs of pantry pests in your home in Long Island, don’t hesitate to ask us how we can help.

Pantry Pests Identification

What kind of pests can you expect to find in your pantry? There are a few common insects that find their way into our cabinets:

  • Moths: Meal moths are always trying to find unsealed food in our houses. They usually have grayish-brown color palettes with white markings, and average around ½”-1” in wingspan.
  • Beetles: All sorts of beetles are on the hunt for food and shelter in Long Island. From cigarette beetles, to spider beetles, to sawtoothed grain beetles, there are plenty of sizes and shapes of beetles to look out for. If you’re having trouble identifying the beetles in your house, ask the experts at Arrow Exterminating for help.
  • Weevils: These are a type of beetle that has a pointed snout and a smaller set of wings. Weevils are typically found in containers of kernels or seeds.

Signs That You Have Pantry Pests

If you realize that you’ve left a bag of rice or cereal open or left out some baking ingredients for too long, check the contents for tiny bugs. Pantry pests might be a similar color to the food that they’ve buried themselves in, so they could go undetected for long enough to lay eggs inside. If you notice tiny bugs in any of your food containers, discard the food immediately. Then, check around your pantry for signs of other insects. Some beetles are strong enough to break through thin paper packaging, so even if you’ve sealed your food responsibly, you could still have an infestation.

What to Do After Discovering Signs of Pantry Pests

If you start to see the signs of pantry pests in your Long Island kitchen, call our extermination team at Arrow Exterminating right away. We will quickly dispose of the pests and inspect your kitchen for other infestations and signs of potential activity. For a free quote, reach out today!

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