Seeing a spider lurking in the corner of your room can be quite unsettling, but what’s worse is wondering how many more there could be hiding just out of sight. Even though most spider species that live in Long Island aren’t dangerous and are timid in nature, having unwanted pests in your home can cause you to lose sleep or become anxious.

If you’re worried that you might have an ongoing spider infestation, read on for signs to look for from the spider specialists at Arrow Exterminating.

What are Signs of Spiders in Long Island?

Spiders like to live in places where they have space to hide and a source of food. Look out for these signs of spiders in your home:

  1. Spider webs: If you find webs in the corners walls and ceilings, in your ventilation systems, or in the corners of your windows, this means that spiders have been active in your home.
  2. Flying insects: Flies, mosquitoes, and moths are all common spider prey. If you’re experiencing a heavy volume of any of these pests, spiders might be on the way to find a meal.
  3. Egg sacs: If you’ve ever wondered, “where do spiders come from?”, it’s safe to say that the last place you would expect would be from inside your own home. If a spider spins an egg sac somewhere hidden in your walls, you could be in for an outburst of hundreds of baby spiders.

Why Are There Spiders in My House?

There are many reasons why spiders might be inside your home, some that are out of your control and some that you can alter. These are the main attractions for spiders that we’ve found inside homes in Long Island:

  • Excess moisture: Some spiders are attracted to the excess moisture that builds up in crawl spaces, basements, under plumbing fixtures, and in our kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Aridity: Other spiders prefer dry spaces for their ability to attract certain insects to eat. To avoid straying either way (too arid or too moist), make sure to keep your home properly ventilated.
  • Clutter: Spiders are apprehensive creatures that always need a place to retreat to. If you have too many cluttered areas in your home, spiders will feel safe with many options for hiding places.

How Arrow Exterminating Deals with Spiders

If you believe that there is a spider infestation brewing in your home, talk to your local pest control company about what they can do about it. At Arrow Exterminating, we take every measure possible to find every vulnerability on your property that could lead to a spider infestation. For more information on our spider control protocol or for a free quote on spider control, contact us today!

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