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What do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Bed bug bites can look very similar to other types of insect bites. A bite from a bed bug can appear as a red bump with a darker center and lighter, swollen area surrounding it. 

Two things that set bed bug bites apart from other insect bites are:
  1. Bed bug bites often appear in lines or zigzag patterns.
  2. Bites are typically on areas of the body that are exposed at night.
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Bed Bug Bites vs. Flea Bites

The biggest difference between bed bug bites and flea bites is the pain level. Almost immediately after being bit by a flea, there will be pain. Bed bug bites do not hurt until symptoms show up hours later. Flea bites are most commonly grouped on the lower part of the body and around the ankles in random patterns. Bed bug bites appear in lines. While both bites can cause red bumps and itchiness, bed bug bites tend to be significantly larger. 

Bed Bug Bite or Mosquito Bite?

Similarly to bed bug bites, mosquito bites can leave red itchy marks on your skin.Unlike bed bug bites, though, mosquito bites appear in isolated, random areas on the body. A bite from a mosquito will form a bump that can appear mere minutes afterwards, and their bites can be felt immediately. Of course, mosquito bites are much more dangerous than bed bug bites for their ability to transmit disease. Lastly, mosquito bites tend to heal much quicker than bed bug bites.

How to Identify a Bed Bug Bite

It’s understandable why bed bug bites are often confused for other insect bites. This makes it important to know what sets bed bug bites apart. If you suspect a bite on your skin is from a bed bug, it’s best to inspect your home for physical signs of bed bugs.

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