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Trusted Pest Control For Your Home

At Arrow Exterminating, our technicians keep your residential property pest-free*, year-round.

Residential Pest Control Services for Long Island Homes

Insects and rodents have no place inside your home. Although some infestations may seem inconsequential, any outbreak can cause disruptions in your daily life, and many pests come with more potential for diseases and property damage than you might imagine. With our proactive pest control measures, we will ensure that all active pests are cleared out of your home and given no chance to come back. Whether you’re looking to prevent ants in your kitchen or keep wildlife out of your yard, we have a residential pest control plan for your home.

At Arrow Exterminating, we know that you need a reliable technician that can protect your family and home from all kinds of pests. This is why we provide routine inspections and take preventative measures to keep pests away all year long. Backed over 75 years of experience around Long Island, you can trust that our pest control for residential properties will keep pests out for good.

What Does Residential Pest Control Involve?

We strive to deliver long-lasting results that you can trust, which is why our home pest control services are customized to fit your unique situation and needs. That said, our process features three main steps:

  • Thorough inspection: A complete assessment is essential to determine the full extent of the infestation. Half measures mean the problem can continue if all of the creatures aren’t found, so we go above and beyond to meticulously identify any potential problem areas that could be contributing to your pest problems. 
  • Customized plan implementation: No two homes are alike, so no two infestations are the same. Instead of cookie-cutter solutions, our team plans out the exact solution your home needs to become and stay pest-free*.
  • Treatment and ongoing support: Nothing’s worse than investing in pest control just to have the infestation return within a matter of weeks or months. At Arrow Exterminating, we don’t stop until the pests do. In addition to thorough treatment and aftercare tips, we also offer ongoing plans that offer long-term protection. 

Why Get Routine Pest Inspections?

Whether or not you think you have an infestation, it’s a good idea to have your home inspected at least once per year or before buying or selling real estate—after all, an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure. Residential exterminators are experts in finding pests before they become a problem. A preventative treatment can save you and your home from a full-blown infestation of termites, earwigs, or other pests. 

Even if treatment is not called for, the exterminator can spot potential hazards and make recommendations for eliminating food sources and environments that would otherwise encourage pests to make your home theirs.

Signs You Have a Pest Infestation

Insects and pest infestations are often painfully obvious to the homeowner. Buzzing wasps, bugs crawling across counters, or squirrels rampaging in the attic are all pretty easy to identify. Some other situations where you should call a pest control company include:

  • Coming across live insects, rodents, or wildlife
  • Finding damage in your home or yard, such as gnaw marks 
  • Noticing warped walls, bubbling paint, or other signs of termites
  • Coming across insect or rodent droppings
  • Discovering a wasp, insect, or animal nest near your home

Insect, Rodent, and Wildlife Removal

While Arrow Exterminating can address any pest problem you may have, our residential pest control services also include specialty services that focus on specific challenges. Here are just a few of the options:

  • Bird Control Services: Wild birds do not belong in your home. Getting them out of your attic or other locations can be difficult. You can’t just wait for them to exit on their own – they might not find the way. Worse, birds can be infested with a variety of mites, pests, and diseases that could be transmitted to you, your family, or your pets. We can help you get rid of them quickly and humanely.
  • Insect Pest Control: Insects are the number one reason why homeowners call Arrow Exterminating. We will determine exactly which type of insect has infested your home and the best solution. For example, the treatment for crawling insects usually involves insecticides placed in strategic locations as well as sealing cracks and openings, whereas flying insect treatment might require aerosols.
  • Rodent Control: The sound of rodents in your walls or finding one in the kitchen is unnerving. As with birds, rodents of all types can carry diseases or mites that could transfer to humans. How we handle rodent infestations depends upon the type of rodent, where the infestation is, if you have children or pets in your household, and other relevant factors.
  • Termite Solutions: Termites can be attacking the beams and structure of your home without you knowing it – or until they swarm in the spring, which is very unsettling. In addition to attacking the structure of your home, they can also eat paper, insulation, shrubs, and more. If you suspect termites, call us immediately because the sooner termites are eliminated, the less damage your home will sustain.
  • Wildlife Control: Whether it’s a raccoon or a squirrel, wildlife belongs outside, not in your home. Some wildlife is protected by special laws and regulations in NY State, which makes removing them complicated. Pests in this category could also be dangerous. Let the licensed Arrow Exterminating specialists find the right solution for your situation.

A Safer and More Sustainable Approach to Pest Control

One major hesitation that homeowners have when it comes to pest control is health and safety—and understandably so. The last thing you want to do is expose your family, pets, and other loved ones to harsh chemical treatments. That’s why Arrow Exterminating always makes certain that everyone is on the same page with the proper use of pesticides. Our team will ask about pets or children before beginning treatments and create a list of safety precautions to take. 

Our team also uses eco-friendly Ever-Green services, which means we don’t just rely on chemicals alone. We look at other alternatives such as environmental sanitation efforts as well as making repairs such as covering entryways where pests can access your home or business. When we do have to use chemicals, we will use products that are designated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as “least toxic” and/or “low impact.” We’ll always try to find the eco-friendliest treatment available for your peace of mind.

Choose Pest-Free Life with Arrow Exterminating

For over 75 years, Arrow Exterminating has been keeping homes aroundLong Island safe with custom pest management solutions. We take a full-service approach, targeting efficient prevention, removal, and exclusion of all kinds of pests in the area. Our residential pest control services start with an exhaustive inspection to assess the infestation’s scope and sources, followed by a uniquely-crafted extermination or removal plan. No matter what kind of pest you’re dealing with at home, our residential technicians can handle them.

Keeping a safe and healthy environment is a top priority for every homeowner, and we can help you realize this goal. Whether you need pest control services, lawn care management, or wildlife prevention for your residential property, our experts have you covered.

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