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Termites are the most destructive pests living around Long Island. They also happen to be one of the most common. Termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damages and expenses annually in the United States, so it is crucial to know how to prevent them and what to do when you find them.

With over 75 years of experience in termite control, the team at Arrow Exterminating has the training and expertise to eliminate termites and prevent them from infesting your structures to begin with.

Termite Pest Control Options

Termites are a common pest problem in Long Island, much more common than many realize! This is because termites can hide inside the structure of your home or business for years without being detected, eating away at your wooden beams the entire time. It’s important to hire termite removal specialists that have experience finding termites in inconspicuous places. Arrow Exterminating is proud to push termite control standards forward with industry-leading strategies and products.

Termite Removal for YOUR HOME

Our Residential Termite Extermination Process

Termites can remain all year long in our area, so we have to keep constant watch for their damage. Whether you’re looking for termite prevention help or you’re trying to get rid of an active infestation, the termite technicians at Arrow Exterminating can handle it.

Here are the steps we take to eliminate termites and prevent them from returning:

  1. Our termite technicians will conduct an inspection to find entry points, assess damage, and identify the termite species.
  2. We will apply termite treatments that will put a stop to your infestation.
  3. Our experts will implement exclusion efforts prevent further termites from accessing your property.
  4. As needed, we can continue to provide termite prevention services and advice to help you keep your home termite-free.

Termite Technicians for YOUR BUSINESS

Termite Control For Your Commercial Property

Owning and operating a business is a big investment, so it’s crucial to keep it protected from long-term threats like termite infestations. Our termite technicians at Arrow Exterminating can provide routine inspections and property-wide baiting to set up a system for complete control of termites. Our discreet and efficient services will keep your property termite-free. 

At Arrow Exterminating, we are committed to keeping Long Island businesses safe with regular inspections and custom treatments.

Arrow Exterminating Reviews

Extremely professional, always on time, and, most importantly, highly effective service that really works. Keep it local and go with the best.

– Vitali H.

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At Arrow Exterminating, we protect against the disease and damage that can be caused by common pests.

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