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Kevin A. Avatar
Kevin A.
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David R. Avatar
David R.
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Deb C. Avatar
Deb C.
They were great-got rid of my mice in my new home. It’s been a year, and I wanted to cancel, since there’s no problem anymore. Very difficult. The woman on the phone was combative. Beware when signing a contract with them. They make it miserable to cancel.
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D L. Avatar
D L.
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sandra v. Avatar
sandra v.
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Daniel M. Avatar
Daniel M.
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Rosemary s
This is the second review I gave. The service is terrible. They are removing the bad reviews. They don't show up. Yet charging big money. It's just a scam. All of my money gone. Their supervisor won't even talk to me. Terrible. Don't get cheated.
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Megan C. Avatar
Megan C.
I have a contract with them!!! I left a message requesting a return call due to bee hive on my house. Three days later, no response. This is NOT the first time that I have not received a call back. Disappointing!
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Thomas Calo
I hired Arrow to take care of a termite problem and signed a full pest control package. We’ve had them for years without any issues. The service was good and the technicians were friendly. We had an issue with yellow jackets getting into our garage through the siding. The problem area was about 8’ up, just above the garage door. I was told since the technician needed a ladder there would be a $500+ charge for the service call. When I questioned the charge I was told if the issue was ground level than it would be covered under our pest control package. I can’t see the extreme cost for the difference of needing a ladder. Although our experience was mostly pleasant, I was forced to cancel it due to that ridiculous charge!
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Moleins J. Avatar
Moleins J.
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Lady K. Avatar
Lady K.
Best exterminator’s in my area! I love a pest free environment all summer long! Keep up the good work RUTH!!!
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Gera N. Avatar
Gera N.
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Glenn Y. Avatar
Glenn Y.
The technician who came was great listening to my areas of concern and explaining the chemical types used in specific places of the house.
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Pudgy C. Avatar
Pudgy C.
First, let me say that we only had the service done today. I will come back and update if I must. Today, they took my house apart and went into areas I never thought of. I had 2 other bids for the job but we decided to go with Arrow. I think I'm glad we did. They were thorough and when they found one area that was affected with eggs they came back to that area at least 3 times. They hit every room in my house. 4 men came out and they really took their time to go through my whole entire house. One company told me it would take them no more than 3 hours and they didn't need to go through every room in my house. I needed and wanted a thorough job. This company was the most expensive but it was worth it. The men were friendly, professional and walked us through some things to stay on top of our problem and be proactive for prevention. I recommend this company to the highest. I have a contract now with them and they will be doing some other services for us. Will keep you all posted in about another month.
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Ra A. Avatar
Ra A.
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Ediso cristhian
Hola buenas tarde queria saber si ustedes me puedene ayudar con un trabajo
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Paula V. Avatar
Paula V.
5 star rating
I came home after a week begin away and found my house infested . My son said to call Arrow Exterminators catch it in the butt They came a give a estimate a bet pricey but, they came the next's day and took care of the problem. Coming back in a week to check again. Felt VERY Safe
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Johnny Valcin
Necesito trabajo por favor lo
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Leticia H. Avatar
Leticia H.
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Linda C. Avatar
Linda C.
The I’ve been an Arrow customer for the past year. I was very happy to sign up with them last Spring when we noticed termites swarming, and after we discovered actual termite damage inside a few of our walls. Arrow came promptly and treated the problem. We had the beams fixed and walls repaired, which were very costly repairs. Arrow also came promptly during the following months and treated our home for ants and spiders. However, yesterday there was a huge termite swarm in my foyer and in my grandchildren’s bedrooms! Even more upsetting was that the swarms were in the exact spots that the damage was repaired in last year! Arrow was also at my home in March ( while it was still cold) and “ found no termite activity.” I immediately called customer service and was told that swarming can’t be avoided. She said she knows it’s upsetting but that there’s absolutely nothing that can be done! I called another company that specializes in termite control and was informed that the information that I was given is false. I am once again directing this question to Arrow - is the information that I was given yesterday, that swarming after a year of treatment unavoidable??” Trying to upload a video but having difficulties. Thank you, Linda C. Massapequa Addendum 4/17 Just to update. Arrow was very quick to respond to my concerns. I am confident that they will go the extra mile to see this through. Also, many thanks to management for their courteous response and for their expertise and patience in explaining the science of termite control.
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Kelly L. Avatar
Kelly L.
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Mindy R
We’ve been a customer for about 12 years. Joseph I. was here today but all the technicians are knowledgeable and professional.
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Arrow took over when my previous exterminator retired (after I was with them for 41 years). Miguel has now been my go-to guy since 2015. He is prompt, personable, knows my house and my tenants. I know I can count on him to get the job done. Also, want to give a shout-out to Lori Higgins who notifies me every month and responds immediately whenever I email. Thank you both for your professional service.
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Rich T. Avatar
Rich T.
Picked up some supplies
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Fred E. Avatar
Fred E.
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Mike R. Avatar
Mike R.
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Lindsey D. Avatar
Lindsey D.
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Elizabeth L. Avatar
Elizabeth L.
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brian f. Avatar
brian f.
Arrow is the best, I will always call them for my Pest Control Service - job well done
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Jeny T. Avatar
Jeny T.
I like their service, only complain is that when I called asking for the service, I wasn't told there were 2 different options for the service I was requesting and automatically put me for the pricier option. Luckily was able to find out about the cheaper option before I paid coz I misheard the amount over the phone and called for clarification. But, to be clear, their prices are very reasonable, even the pricier option. 🙂
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