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Wildlife Control – Exclusion & Removal

Your Local Wildlife Control Experts

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While it's easy to love and appreciate wildlife living around Long Island, it's a different story when they try to take up residence in your backyard or your attic. Wild animals can pose serious health risks and property damage when they decide to live on your property. If you're currently dealing with a wildlife infestation, it's important to work with a professional wildlife control company.

Arrow Exterminating can provide a comprehensive wildlife control service that incorporates exclusion and prevention measures while prioritizing the humane removal of all wild animals. We work hard to keep our customers, their families, and their pets safe from the threats wild animals pose.

Wildlife Management Options

Wild animals have no place on your property. Property damage stemming from wildlife infestations can be costly and dangerous, and any pets out in your yard can be put at risk by animals like raccoons and coyotes. If your property is hosting unwanted wildlife, it’s safe to reach out to your local critter control experts. The wildlife management experts at Arrow Exterminating can come out to complete an exhaustive property inspection, drafting a plan to conduct humane wildlife removal and lasting prevention.

Wildlife Control for YOUR HOME

Our Residential Animal Wildlife Control Process

Whether you can’t get rid of squirrels on your roof or raccoons in your trash bins, our wildlife exclusion experts can help. We have to tools and experience to safely and quickly remove wild animals living in and around your home.

We will take these steps to protect you from invading wild animals:

  1. Our specialists will inspect every corner of your property looking for entry points and all animal activity. 
  2. We will place humane traps and employ exclusion methods wherever necessary to control wild animals.
  3. After treatment, we will continue to be available for wildlife exclusion services and advice.

Wildlife Control Experts for YOUR BUSINESS

Wildlife Removal For Your Commercial Property

A wildlife infestation on your commercial property can endanger customers and staff, create serious property damage, and permanently damage your reputation. Arrow Exterminating understands the habits of local wildlife species like foxes, raccoons, skunks, opossums, and more, and can provide services that will safely relocate them and keep them away for good.

With over 75 years of animal wildlife control experience, we know how to keep animals away from your business year-round.

Arrow Exterminating Reviews

Extremely professional, always on time, and, most importantly, highly effective service that really works. Keep it local and go with the best.

– Vitali H.

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