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Many people worry about bed bug infestations starting up in their homes. In recent decades, reports of bed bug activity in the United States have been soaring as these pests become more commonly found in both homes and businesses. These tiny pests spread with ease, staying hidden until they can come out to feed on human blood. Given how small and sneaky bed bugs are, they're near impossible to control with help from professional bed bug technicians.

At Arrow Exterminating, our bed bug control experts have the skills and experience to get rid of every last bed bug on your property.

Bed Bug Pest Control Options

The most common cause of a bed bug infestation is travel. When people take an extended stay at a hotel or have a child return home from college for the holidays, bed bugs often tag along in their suitcases, looking for new homes to spread to. Bed bugs will not just hide in your bed, but possibly your baseboards, furniture, carpets, or even power outlets and light switches. This make it essential to have your bed bug control handled by a professional technician who knows where to look.

Bed Bug Control Services for YOUR HOME

Our Plan For Bed Bug Extermination

Bed bugs are most feared for the bites they give us. It’s no wonder people feel so uncomfortable during a bed bug infestation when they can wake up any night with little red bumps up and down their legs and arms. Our team at Arrow Exterminating has worked hard to keep Long Island residents safe from bed bugs for over 75 years.

Our highly trained bed bug technicians will follow these steps in our bed bug removal procedure:

  1. Our team will conduct a full property inspection to identify all hiding places hosting active bed bugs. 
  2. We will go forward with spot treatments or a property-wide treatment based on our findings.
  3. After treatment, we will continue to support with advice and bed bug prevention measures as needed.

Bed Bug Extermination for YOUR BUSINESS

Bed Bug Extermination For Your Commercial Property

Bed bugs are infamous for infesting homes, but commercial properties all around Long Island have had to deal with bed bug infestations, too. The hospitality industry is at the most at risk for bed bugs while also being under the most pressure to contain them. With routine inspections and monitoring services from the bed bug control team at Arrow Exterminating, you can feel safe in your bed-bug free business.

We can conduct quick, discreet, and highly effective bed bug pest control to save the reputation of your business.

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Extremely professional, always on time, and, most importantly, highly effective service that really works. Keep it local and go with the best.

– Vitali H.

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