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How to Prevent Bringing Bed Bugs into Your Home

The key to avoiding a bed bug infestation is knowing the common scenarios that lead to bed bug infestations:

  • When traveling or staying in a hotel, bed bugs might try to crawl onto your clothing or into your luggage. That’s why you should always check for signs of bed bugs in the room and lobby, and always check your clothing and luggage when you leave
  • Buying used furniture. Check for past or active signs of bed bugs
  • If you have a family member that lives in a college dormitory, check their luggage and clothing when they come to visit
clothing on a bed to be inspected for bed bugs

How to avoid bringing bed bugs home from a trip

Whenever you take an overnight trip away from your home, it’s important to stay vigilant about bed bugs. Here are a few travel-related precautions we recommend:

  • Before you unpack after a trip, check the lining and inside of your suitcase for bed bugs
  • Wash all clothes (even clean items) in your washing machine on the highest heat setting and dry thoroughly in the dryer
  • Vacuum or steam-clean your suitcase before storing it away

How to keep bed bugs off your property

Unlike most pests, bed bugs don’t come inside on their own. Bed bugs come inside when they hitch a ride on your purse, backpack, suitcase, furniture you recently bought, or your clothing.

That’s why we say keeping bed bugs off your property is as simple as knowing the signs and scenarios in which bed bugs spread, and staying vigilant. Whether you’re coming home from vacation or you have a kid returning from college for the summer, your own awareness is the best tool you have to prevent bed bugs.

Best Bed Bug Prevention Tips on Long Island

The best defense against a bed bug infestation is knowledge. 

When staying in a hotel, always store luggage off the floor. Check the beds for signs of bed bugs. When returning home, ensure your suitcase is bed bug-free before bringing it indoors. When buying used furniture, always thoroughly check for bed bugs before buying.

A little bit of knowledge and common sense can go a long way toward keeping bed bugs away from your property over the long term.

If you think you might have brought bed bugs home, contact your local bed bug exterminators for an inspection.

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