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How Do I Prepare for Bed Bug Treatment on Long Island?

Before your home or business gets treated for bed bugs, you will need to prepare the property to ensure the treatment is as successful as possible. Your pest control company will tell you exactly what to do, but these are the typical steps to prepare for bed bug treatment:

  • You will need to leave your property for several hours, and you will need to take your pets with you
  • Tidy up the place and reduce clutter to reduce the overall number of possible bed bug hiding spots
  • Remove linens and bedding from mattresses and box springs, and wash them in your washing machine on high heat
a person strips the bedding off before getting bed bug treatment

Preparation for bed bug heat treatment

The pest control company you’re working with will let you know how to prepare for your upcoming bed bug treatment. Although it depends on the type of treatment you will be getting, some of the most common tasks include the following:

  1. Remove linens from bedding and other fabrics from your bedrooms. Wash them in your washing machine in the hottest water possible
  2. Pick up all personal items that are on furniture or on the floor
  3. Take everything out of your closet and drawers, and you may also be asked to remove your books from their shelves
  4. Run laundry in the washing machine in the hottest water possible and store in clean storage bags for up to two weeks after treatment
  5. Carefully slide furniture away from the walls to give technicians access to the baseboards

Bed bug treatment aftercare

Most bed bug treatments take just a few hours, and typically you can return as soon as it’s complete. 

Avoid shampooing or cleaning floors for at least three weeks after treatment. Wait until four hours after treatment before replacing your bedding. Generally, within two weeks you should find that the treatment has been completely effective.

Will My Home Need to Be Treated for Bed Bugs Again?

Professional bed bug exterminators can eliminate your entire bed bug infestation in one visit. At Arrow Exterminating, we pride ourselves on this.

Of course, it’s always possible that a hiding spot was missed and they do return. If this happens, reach out to your exterminator for further assistance.

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