Closeup of cricketWhether you call them crickets, spider crickets, camel crickets, or cave crickets; this particular pest is as creepy as it is annoying. Unfortunately, crickets can easily get into a house – which is why they’re called “accidental invaders” – and, once in, they are very difficult to eliminate. So, crickets can end up in your basement spring through fall… though they actively seek out refuge in the fall.

Why Do I Have Crickets in My Basement?

Crickets tend to seek out shelter as temperatures change. They also seek out food and water, which makes your home attractive any time.

Basements are an ideal habitat for spider crickets. As their other name, cave crickets, implies, they like dark, cool, and somewhat damp locations. The average basement fits that bill all too well.

What Season do Crickets Go Away?

That depends upon whether they have invaded your home. Outdoors, adults will die off during the winter while nymphs emerge in the spring. If they have infested your home, they can technically live there year-round.

Do Crickets Have a Larval Stage?

Crickets lay eggs. The eggs hatch and turn into nymphs, which some people refer to as “larvae”. They then go through a stage called “instars” before becoming adults.

What Do Cricket Nymphs Eat?

In the wild, cricket nymphs tend to eat plant matter almost exclusively, as opposed to adults. Nymphs are also ravenous because they need to eat to grow – and they can cause great harm to crops in the wild. Nymphs will also eat crabgrass, chicory seeds and stems, and rotting plant material. Cricket nymphs also love to eat barley and wheat seedlings, and even corn stalks.

Adult crickets will eat all of that plus other insects such as aphids, mites, ants, cricket nymphs, and even the eggs and larvae of bigger insects. They also like fresh fruit and vegetables.

What Do Basement Crickets Eat?

As true scavengers, camel crickets eat virtually anything. That means not just fabric, trash, dead insects, and food scraps. They will even eat feces, fungus, and each other. Basically, camel crickets will eat anything organic but with a preference for things made of plant material.

Call Arrow About Cricket Infestations

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