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Closeup on an antAt Arrow Exterminating we know that fighting insect infestations isn’t easy. Diagnosing a problem requires expertise, as does remediation and prevention planning. But there is one key factor that can make fighting insect infestation extremely difficult, and that’s the insects themselves. If insects were easy to find, home and business owners would have far fewer problems, and an exterminator’s job would be a whole lot easier. But insects are very good at adapting to their environment, and that makes it difficult to remove them once they’ve established themselves in your home or business. Arrow wants you to know how insects adapt to their environment.

Arrow Exterminating Fights Insect Infestation

We’re not novices at fighting insect infestation. Arrow Exterminating has been in business since 1947 and is one of the most respected exterminating companies in New York. We serve both Nassau and Suffolk County on Long Island and we also serve residential and commercial customers in all 5 boroughs of New York City. We make it a point to be very accessible to our customers. We’ll answer your questions, take on the difficult problems, and inspect your property thoroughly. We have a full-time, board-certified entomologist who helps us understand insect behavior including issues like insect adaptation.

All About Insect Adaptation

An insect adaptation is an adjustment that insects make to fit better in their environment and gives them increased chances at survival. According to the student education website, some common adaptations that have evolved over time include having an exoskeleton, which behaves like a suit of armor. Camouflage is another way insects use their bodies to adapt. Many insects blend in with things like leaves. Some insects have wings to flee predators (and humans) and escape cold climates. Others have strong legs, allowing them to hop away.

How Roaches, Bees and Ants Adapt

Among the most common insects that we encounter at Arrow Exterminating are roaches, bees, and ants. All of these insects have unique ways to adapt to their environment. Cockroaches have been adapting to their environment for millions of years, according to The Spruce. Roaches eat almost everything, and they’ve adjusted to living with humans by essentially moving in with them. They live in our homes and businesses and eat our food.

Honeybees use their color to adapt, according to the website Hunker. They tend to blend in with the color of the flowers they’re pollinating. Pollination is very important to our ecosystem because it allows flowers and plants to grow. This is one of the many reasons Arrow does not kill honeybees.

Ant colonies have many ways of adapting to their surroundings. One way they can avoid detection, according to Science Daily, is to found new colonies. They also adapt by working together in groups. Large groups of ants travel together, communicate with each other, and swarm their prey together.

Arrow Exterminating Will Stay a Step Ahead of Insects

Pests have a bag of tricks they can use to evade detection, but Arrow Exterminating knows how to stay ahead of them. Let us show you how our years of experience can help you get rid of your insect problem and how we can keep your property safe. Contact us today.

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