Cartoon cockroaches posing

Cartoon cockroaches posingCockroaches are one of the most feared and disliked of all insects. Despite that, they have a certain strange mystique… so let’s look at the most common questions people ask about cockroaches.

What Eats Cockroaches?

That question has two sets of answers – the animals that prey on cockroaches and places where people eat cockroaches. Insects are eaten all over the world for their protein content, and cockroaches are an especially good source.

The predators that eat cockroaches cover a wide range that includes other insects. Even entomopathogenic fungi spores “eat” cockroaches by infecting them, gradually killing them, and then consuming the dead roaches. Similarly, wasps will often lay their eggs within cockroach larvae, which then eat the cockroaches when the wasps hatch.

Among the creatures that eat cockroaches are:

Additionally, cats eat cockroaches but usually only in the wild. Domestic cats tend to have a diet high enough in protein that they do not bother to eat cockroaches when they come across them. However, they will bat them and “play” with them, which eventually kills the roach in most cases.

Do People Really Eat Cockroaches?!

In regard to humans, about two billion people in the world routinely eat insects, including cockroaches. The taste isn’t necessarily bad either. Reportedly Madagascar hissing cockroaches taste like greasy chicken and have a similar texture.

National Geographic cites 11 European countries, 23 countries in the Americas, 36 African countries, and 29 Asian countries as places where insects like cockroaches are routinely eaten. In addition to protein – insects can also have high amounts of iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Do Cockroaches Eat Plastic Bags?

Yes, cockroaches can eat plastic, depending upon the type and thickness. Since thin plastics are the most edible for roaches, plastic bags are incredibly easy for cockroaches to chew through. That includes plastic grocery bags, bread bags, and more.

Can Cockroaches Get into a Ziploc® Bag?

Yes, because roaches can easily gnaw through thin plastics, Ziploc® bags are no protection against a hungry cockroach. To protect food from roaches, you need a much thicker plastic or – even better – containers made of glass, ceramic, or metal… which they cannot chew through.

Can Roaches Live in Your Garbage Disposal?

Roaches go where they find food and that includes your garbage disposal. If you don’t clean your disposal regularly, food can build up under the blades or in the pipe and can become a haven for cockroaches.

Are Cockroaches Attracted to Cigarettes?

Yes, cockroaches like cigarettes, but not the way humans do, of course. Roaches will eat both tobacco and rolling papers so to them cigarettes are food, and their strong smell can attract roaches.

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