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For humans, the idea of winged ants is like adding a nightmare on top of a bad dream. The thought of these pesky insects taking flight invokes all kinds of unsavory imaginings. But winged ants hold a very definite and important place in nature scheme of things.

Why Do Ants Get Wings?

Ants develop wings when they are in the mating phase of their maturation cycle. While in this phase flying ants tend to swarm together, often on hilltops or other open areas. When the ants finally mate, their wings eventually fall off, and the process of raising young ones and building a colony begins.

When It’s Time to Call for Professional Ant Control

Winged ants are completely disinterested in humans during the mating cycle, and they pose no direct threat to us. When multiple winged ants find their way inside a home, however, it is cause for alarm. Since the next step would be for them to colonize, it’s prudent to contact a certified pest control company to get rid of the winged ants, and make sure no colonies exist or are being built.

Ant Colonies Can Be Hidden

The existence of ant colonies may not be immediately visible to the homeowner, as they are typically built underground or in areas that are unseen during day-to-day activities. Once the colony is allowed to take hold, however, the ants’ presence will be felt as soon as any morsel of food is left out.

The Damage Caused by Ants

Ants can cause an alarmingly huge amount of damage, especially considering their size. Left untreated an ant colony can damage wood or decimate stored food supplies in the home. And as with other insect pests, ants lay eggs, which makes the colony grow and cause further damage.

You don’t have to live with ants in the home. Call a professional ant control technician to rid your home of these persistent pests. The technician can even take care of the perimeter of the home so ants won’t return any time soon. Once you see how easy ant control can be, you’ll wonder why you didn’t call sooner!

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