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How Effective is Mosquito Treatment?

There’s nothing more frustrating than thinking you’ve solved your mosquito problem, only to have them come buzzing back. Mosquitoes are tough to get rid of – especially on your own – but an experienced mosquito exterminator can solve your problem no matter what.

This is because pest control experts are trained to know what to look for, and how to apply the correct mosquito repellents and insecticides where needed. The nature of mosquitos is that during the height of mosquito season, they’re coming from every direction and constantly hatching new mosquitos, but there’s no job too big for Arrow Exterminating.

A pest control technician treating a yard for  mosquitoes - keep pests away from your home with Arrow Exterminating Company in NY

Does spraying for mosquitoes really work?

Yes, spraying for mosquitos is highly effective when done properly. Mosquito barrier treatments can also be used for outstanding protection that lasts up to two months.

Mosquito barrier treatments target areas of your yard where mosquitos live and feed. The goal of barrier treatment is to eliminate active mosquito populations while also preventing future generations from being born.

How can I be sure mosquito repellent will be effective?

Working with a professional mosquito exterminator is the best way to ensure any mosquito treatment plan is effective–and safe. When applied correctly, mosquito barrier treatments can last up to two months. Pest control experts can also inspect your property and point out potential problem areas and easy fixes you can implement.

When it comes down to it, professional pest control plus good maintenance is the most effective, long lasting mosquito repellent there is.

Benefits of Professional Mosquito Treatment

If you’re dealing with a chronic mosquito problem, your first step should always be contacting an experienced mosquito control expert. A professional can get the immediate problem under control, and help you out with tips to slow their return, and retreatment when needed. 

Working with the experts at Arrow Exterminating, you can stay ahead of mosquitoes this summer. Call us today for a free quote.

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