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How Do I Get a WDI Report on Long Island?

A Wood-Destroying Insect Report (WDI Report) is necessary for buying or selling a home here on Long Island.

This report is part of the disclosure process and can only be conducted by a licensed pest control technician. It’s a record of the presence (or lack thereof) of wood-destroying insects on a property. The report can also pinpoint potential vulnerabilities that could lead to future infestations. 

a termite exterminator performs a WDI report

What are WDI Reports?

When you order a WDI Report on Long Island, a professional pest control expert will thoroughly inspect your home or business for visible signs of wood-destroying insects. They’re mainly looking for termites when they do this report, but wood-destroying insects can also include certain species of ants and beetles.

A professional pest control expert can also determine if the property has previously been treated for a termite infestation, which helps give peace of mind to everyone involved in the transaction.

How do WDI Inspections Work?

A typical inspection for a WDI Report involves the following steps:

  1. A professional pest control expert will perform a thorough inspection with all possible areas checked for signs of wood-destroying insects
  2. In addition to looking for active termite infestations, the technician will look for evidence of past termite activity and potential areas of risk for future activity
  3. Any accessible wooden structure, including decks and porches, will be thoroughly investigated. Anything that isn’t accessible without causing damage, such as the inside of walls, beneath carpets, and more, may or may not be inspected
  4. The WDI Report is then created and indicates the presence or absence of wood-destroying insects, including termites, carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, and more

Are WDI Reports Required on Long Island?

WDI Reports are required by most mortgage lenders before financing a home purchase in New York. They also must be performed by a licensed pest control company.

Call Arrow Exterminating today for a quick, thorough, and trustworthy WDI inspections in Long Island NY.

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