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How Do I Get a WDI Report in Long Island?

If you plan to buy or sell a home in Long Island, you’ll need a wood-destroying insect report (WDI report). These reports provide detailed information about the property’s termite situation – past termite activity, current signs of termites, and any vulnerabilities that could lead to a future infestation. Not only do WDI reports give homebuyers peace of mind, but they’re also a mandatory part of the disclosure process. 

So, how do you get a WDI report in Long Island, and what’s the process like?

a termite exterminator performs a WDI report

How to Get a WDI Report

Getting a WDI report is pretty easy. All you have to do is contact a licensed pest control company that specializes in termite services. They’ll help you schedule the appointment and handle the rest! Appointments typically take an hour to complete, and you’ll receive a detailed WDI report after the thorough inspection.

What Happens During a WDI Inspection?

The biggest part of getting a WDI report is having your home thoroughly inspected by a licensed professional. During this inspection, the expert will gather information about existing termite damage or issues that could lead to an infestation. During your WDI inspection, the pest control expert will:

  • Meticulously inspect your home’s interior and exterior.
  • Check exposed wood for signs of termite damage. 
  • Look for evidence of termite activity or areas that are vulnerable. 
  • Create a detailed report about the presence or absence of wood-destroying pests.

What’s the Difference Between a WDI and a WDO Report?

Wood destroying organism (WDO) reports are very similar to wood destroying insect (WDI) reports. However, WDO reports also contain information about non-insect organisms that are damaging your wood, such as fungus. Many termite inspections also check for fungus, but check with the professional beforehand if you are interested in screening for other wood-destroying insects as well.

Get a WDI Report in Long Island

Planning to buy or sell a home? Just want information about potential termite damage in your property? Don’t hesitate to contact the termite control experts at Arrow Exterminating! Our team has decades of experience serving Long Island. With our industry-leading tactics, we know how to spot even the faintest sign of wood destroying insects in your home. Just give us a call to get started!

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